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Ask. Seek. Knock

"For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened." Matt. 7-8

Sometimes, even when the language is clear, we have questions. What is going on? Why did that happen? Why does this matter?

The NLT Study Bible translates both the words and the world of the Bible. The New Living Translation makes the message clear. The features of the NLT Study Bible bring the world of the Bible to life so that the meaning and significance of its message shines through.

Features from nearly 50 of today’s most trusted Bible teachers include:

50,000+ cross-references connect related verses, not just words, so they are always applicable. Additionally, parallel lines (//) show passages describing the same events or saying something similar. An asterisk (*) indicates Old Testament quotes in the New Testament.

25,000+ study and textual notes provide background and deeper explanations of words, phrases, verses, and sections. Historical and literary notes open the world of the Bible and the context in which it was originally read and heard. All notes in the NLT Study Bible were developed with the “So what?” test in mind—the goal is study notes that focus on the meaning and message of Scripture, not just facts. The study notes also include the NLT textual footnote apparatus, which identifies variations in the Hebrew and Greek text as well as providing alternate translation possibilities.

300+ Theme Articles identify the major topics and ideas of the Bible. Placed alongside particularly relevant passages, they also point to other passages and theme notes. These articles provide the first steps in developing a biblical theology without attempting to formulate a specific doctrinal system.

220+ Charts, Illustrations, Maps, and Timelines organize and illuminate important information in the text that can otherwise be difficult to understand or interpret the significance of. Examples include a chart of Israel’s Annual Calendar, regional and event related maps, the Temple at various stages, an overview of the entire Bible, and more detailed, specific timelines such as the time of the kings of Israel.

90+ Profiles paint portraits of major figures in the Bible—good and bad. The story of Scripture unfolds through the lives of the people in it. Their lives instruct us with examples and counter-examples, helping us to better understand the Bible, its world, and its message. Their relationship with God, or lack of it, helps us to understand how we can have a relationship with God and what it should look like.

200 Greek and Hebrew word studies trace the use of important words throughout the Bible. Because the NLT is a dynamic translation, a particular word in Greek or Hebrew is not always translated the same way but is translated in a manner that is appropriate for the context. This makes word studies richer and more productive, because the range of meaning for a particular Greek or Hebrew word becomes very clear, and it is easier to avoid common misunderstandings about what the word means. There are word studies for 100 Hebrew words and 100 Greek words. Several instances of each word are included in a chain to illustrate the range of meaning. Each occurrence is indicated with a superscript letter (a, b, c, etc.) and a corresponding superscript in the cross-reference column. Each entry includes the Hebrew or Greek word, a reference number for the glossary at the back, and study tools such as Strong’s Concordance and a chain-reference link to the next highlighted occurrence of the word.

85 introductory articles set the stage for each Bible section, book and time period. The articles give background information in three layers. First, Old and New Testament articles give a broad overview of each testament. Second, section and chronology articles help orient you to the kind of literature and timeframe of the writings included, giving information on setting, genre, and more. Third, book introductions give more detailed setting and message information as well as an outline, timelines, maps, author information, and a focus on the overall meaning and message of that book. Additional articles include a harmony of the Gospels, the intertestamental period, and the time after the apostles.

Additional helps include a Features Index, Dictionary Concordance, and words of Christ in red.

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Dr. William H. Marty, ThD, Professor of Bible, Moody Bible Institute

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Photo of the NLT Hardcover, Blue Fabric Bible - ISBN: 978-1-4964-1665-0

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Hardcover, Indexed, Blue Fabric


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