Read what people are saying about the NLT Study Bible.
“The NLT Study Bible is an essential tool for the student of the Bible. As no carpentry bench is complete without a hammer, no study desk is equipped without this valuable study Bible.”
Max Lucado
New York Times bestselling author
“The beautiful new NLT Study Bible combines easy readability, for which the Living translations have long been known, with most accessible and enlightening notes. I’ll use it enthusiastically and expect it to inform my writing for years.”
Jerry B. Jenkins
New York Times bestselling author
“The NLT Study Bible brings together all of the elements and insights needed for the person who wants to dig deeper into the text and implications of the Bible. The combination of thematic notes, personal profiles, charts, diagrams and notes with the highly readable and understandable New Living Translation text provides the reader with every tool needed to make sense of difficult to understand concepts and under the surface meanings. The new NLT Study Bible brings the Bible into clearer focus, laying the groundwork for readers to have ‘now I really get it!’ breakthroughs as they work their way through every part of the Bible.”
Nancy Guthrie
“The NLT Study Bible brings readers of Scripture into the very heart of God’s written Word. A wonderful resource for serious Bible study.”
Timothy George
Founding dean, Beeson Divinity School
Senior editor, Christianity Today
“We are supposed to ‘read, mark, learn and inwardly digest’ the Bible but that’s easier said than done. The NLT certainly made reading it more understandable and the NLT Study Bible will most certainly make marking, learning and digesting more possible, probable and profitable.”
Stuart Briscoe
Author, Speaker, Broadcaster
“Lives are changed when God's truth is read and understood. The NLT Study Bible will help anyone experience that life transforming power for themselves. ”
Howard Dayton
Co-founder, Crown Financial Ministries
Radio host, Money Matters
“The NLT has long been my all-time favorite. I am so excited now that study notes have been added! What was once clear has been translated into an even more practical study tool that not only lends a greater understanding of God’s Word, but makes it an even more enjoyable read! It will be among my most-used arsenal for study. ”
Michelle McKinney Hammond
Best Selling Author
Co-host, Emmy-nominated Aspiring Women TV program
“I’ve always loved the New Living Translation because it speaks to me like a friend. Now I love it because the study aids will help me delve even deeper into the Word of God, which is limitless in depth and breadth. With the NLT Study Bible, my devotional hours are even richer.”
Angela Hunt
“The rich resources of the NLT Study Bible will equip followers of Christ to read the Word with understanding, to grasp its meaning, and to be transformed by its truth. ”
Ron Blue
President of Kingdom Advisors
Chairman, Crown Financial Ministries Board of Directors
Author of Faith-Based Family Finances.
“The NLT Study Bible is an exciting new tool for serious Bible readers who want a better understanding of God & His Word. I found the cultural & historical perspective, background commentary, and explanation of Biblical characters – all tucked right alongside the Bible passage itself – very useful. ”
Dr. Myra Perrine
Adjunct professor, Azusa Pacific University
Transformational LIFE Coach
Staff, Church Resource Ministries
Author of What’s Your God Language
“My compliments to the NLT Study Bible. During the November 2007 Evangelical Theological Society Meeting, I was able to pick up a few complementary review copies of the NLT Study Bible (covering the book of Genesis) and used it for a Bible Study. All of our Bible study members agreed this is an awesome resource. I have many study Bibles but I can say this is the BEST study Bible I have ever used. We look forward to the release of the NLT Study Bible. Good work! ”
Darryl Fong
English Assistant Pastor,
Chinese Baptist Church of Central Orange County
“As a pastor I am often asked what Bible I recommend. The NLT Study Bible will now top the list. From its accurate and understandable translation to its comprehensive study materials and convenient navigational features, it is faithful to its claim that the truth is made clear. I am looking forward to utilizing the NLT Study Bible in both my personal devotion and preparation for feeding the Lord's flock. I will begin using the sample immediately!”
J.T. Cromer
Senior Pastor, Holly Ridge Baptist Church
“What used to be gained only by wading through many commentaries is now found in this one volume. The readability and accuracy of the NLT combined with the study notes make this a very valuable tool for every student of the Bible. Thank you for your hard work. ”
Craig Ferderer
Pastor of Student Ministries, Northview Bible Church
“I have enjoyed the new NLT Study Bible. It is wonderful to find that the notes and layout are as clear as the NLT text.”
Dr. William Carl Ankerberg
Senior Pastor, Whittier Area Community Church
“I am very impressed with the NLT Study Bible. Of all of the remarkable helps that are included I find the study notes to be of supreme benefit. As a pastor I have not found a Study Bible with such helpful notes to date. Not only do they not shy away from the more difficult passages, but the insight and relevance that they offer are of supreme assistance. I highly recommend this Study Bible. I cannot wait until this is published, and I hope and pray that it has a long life in the service of our King and the advancement of the Kingdom of God on earth! ”
Dr. Stephen Leston
Pastor Teacher, Kishwaukee Bible Church
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